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In the custom line, here we have the NAMM winner of 2012, The Tone Bank EL84 Silver. Yes the transformers are wound with audio grade silver wire and the amplifier is filled with custom components and transformers by MagneQuest, Black Gate Capacitors etc.

LunchBox 8” Combo

This is a very cool amp for Electric, Acoustic, Harp players whatever. It sports a single volume control, optional transformer coupled DI, headphone jack which defeats the internal 8” speaker. Available with either the Warehouse 8” ceramic or Alnico speaker. On the rear is a 9V/400ma 2.1 connector to power a reasonable set of stomp boxes. IEC power cord connector and speaker output.

All tube: 5686 (mini EL84), 6072A/12AY7A (Gain/Driver), 6ZY5 tube rectifier.

Standard model has a bunch of high end parts, US made power transformer, Canadian choke, custom Mercury Magnetics output transformer, Jensen (USA) DI transformer.

Deluxe model includes Black Gate Capacitors in the power supply, V-Cap new Tone Caps for coupling, MagneQuest (USA) hand wound output transformers (limited supply). Speaker cable is an Analysis Plus heavy duty cable.

Tolex: Pink, Seafoam Green, Light Blue, Red, Orange, Red Sparkle, Black Sparkle, Tweed, Black. Custom finishes available.

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POYP Piss off your Parents

This is a very versatile 10” Combo using a very unique circuit with a 6AQ5 output tube (very similar to a 6V6). The 6072A input tube is loaded with a really large inductor instead of a cheap resistor. This gives the input level a lot of clean headroom and also tons of gain with very low noise. There is a Volume & Tone before the second stage and then a Master Volume before the single ended output. The output transformers are custom wound MagneQuest. The power capacitors are all Black Gate.

Available options are:
DI transformer coupled output.
Headphone output, bypasses internal speaker
9V power for your pedal board

Speaker choices:
Warehouse G10A Alnico high output 97dB, extreme focus
Warehouse Veteran very even tempered 93dB (standard)
Celestion Green Back 10” 95dB, very midrange focused
Celestion Gold Alnico 10” 97dB mid focused and loud.

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Small Block Series

There are three basic designs available in this small head:

MPC Magnetic Phase Coupled Push Pull 6V6 ~15W
Ed Robertson custom MPC, Bucket of Iron
RFC Reactor Follower Coupled Single Ended. ~12-15W
DHT Directly Heated Triode single ended 8W

All the amplifiers have a 6072A front end which includes the volume and tone stack. That is coupled to the output stage with the Master Volume control.

The MPC uses an SRPP 6FQ7/6CG7 output tube that drives the magnetic phase coupling. This assures that both halves of the Push Pull are always equal. The Ed Robertson model uses upgraded output transformer and other parts.

The RFC uses a 6SN7 half for gain and the other half to drive the direct coupled output stage. This allows the amp to go from Class A to Class A2. Super quiet and all tube sound.

The DHT 300B is a magical tube that cannot overdrive and stays very clean.
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Quark Minor and Major

The Quark model is a really low noise 5W (6V6 - Minor) or a 8W (7591A - Major) head amplifier. It comes with a tube cover, but it’s removed here to see the layout (Minor). The Tone Stack is modified by a 3 way switch with the settings Low, center off, High. It pushes the stack in either direction or off. The gain is also varied by a 2 position switch of feedback which determines how clean the amplifier will sound. This three tube wonder is filled with unique circuitry in a small 10x8 inch chassis. The back panel has the speaker output.
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Isolation Cabinets

Both the 10” and 12” cabinets have a standard 1/4” input from the amp that goes directly to the speaker. There is a Shure SM57 microphone and cable which comes out on a standard XLR connector. Both the driver and the microphone side of the enclosure are loaded isobariclly. Which extends the response of the driver as well as tame the impedance as seen by the amplifier.

The smaller 10” model is 22” x 22” x 12” @ 38 Pounds. This model comes with a cover and can be loaded as standard luggage size on planes.

The larger 12” model fits in a B9 ATA case and is 22” square and about 80 pounds. Go to the News page to see the larger 12” in action. Or live with Barenaked Ladies they use 2 of them and 2 MPC Bucket of Iron amplifiers for Ed’s rig.
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Custom Work

Custom speaker cabinets, heads, stomp boxes, guitar preamps what ever you can think of I can come up with a solution. This is not something that doesn’t come with a price. Remember all this stuff takes hours of design time. I can amortize that time over production equipment. But with custom units the time is just added in, unless it makes sense to make that a production model.
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